Welcome to Reflexology complete, where you will learn about reflexology and how it works. Reflexology is a holistic therapy meaning that all of the bodies systems are taken into account. It is perfect for the person who spends the day on their feet or has a lot of stress. However, everyone can benefit from it and see improvements in their life. If you already know a little about reflexology do not hesitate to watch the video below to see an introduction to begin working on the feet. If you know nothing check out the other pages of the site to learn more about what reflexology is and the benefits you would be able to see in your life! If you are interested in learning more about it look at the recommended products which include excellent books that would help you expand your knowledge. In no time you would be able to help yourself, and others see the benefits that go along with this healing method that is over 4,000 years old. The interesting thing about Reflexology is that it can be used as both a diagnostic tool and a method of treatment. The different reflex points found in the feet and hands correspond to an area in the body. The foot chart below is a great place to start to learn about the corresponding areas in the feet. Reflexology has a rich history going back centuries to traditional Chinese medicine and evidence of it was even found in an Egyptian tomb dating back to approximately 2.500 BC.


If you’re looking to jump right into it, here’s something for you. The video below will show you a handful of techniques you can practice right now! Once you’re done watching the video, I recommend you come back and look at the pages of the website to learn more about reflexology.

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